Tourism and Activities near Rougemont

The Hôtel Valrose is the perfect starting point for various sports and activities at all times of the year.

In Rougemont, you can enjoy the mountains all year round, with winter sports and cycling or walking in the summer.

The Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut Regional Nature Park has some magnificent landscapes to offer. Hot-air ballooning and paragliding are the main activities and it is possible to admire the village of Gstaad and the region’s landscape from the air.

Not forgetting the many events and visits to the various cultural sites in the region, from Saanenland to the borders of Gruyère.

With its rich and well-preserved architectural heritage, the village of Rougemont has been listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland since 2017.

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Hotel Valrose

Stroll around the village where some of the wooden chalets are 400 years old; admire their engravings, paintings, flowers and inscriptions which have survived the ravages of time and the winter weather. Also, be sure to admire the 11th century Romanesque church and the 16th century castle.

Our favourite: the Boucle du Château de Rougemont. This 3.6 km cross-country skiing trail offers a novel experience by day and by night.

Hotel Valrose

A stunning village known around the world for its superb chalets in the purest Bernese Swiss tradition. Stroll around the village and take time to admire the carved wooden facades and the beautiful shops.

Hotel Valrose

Lake Geneva, the pearl. Charm, culture and a waterside atmosphere just 1 hour from the Hôtel Valrose.

The great outdoors

The Swiss Prealps are famous around the world for their magnificent landscapes. In summer, they offer a great many hiking trails. There is something for all levels and some of the routes can be followed on mountain bikes. As you make your way through the mountain pastures, the lakes and their surroundings provide magnificent backdrops for your picnics. Discover the natural treasures of the Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut Regional Nature Park.

Take the La Videmanette gondola lift, the perfect starting point for beautiful hikes in the mountains of the Pays-d’Enhaut.

Hotel Valrose
Grand Tour of Switzerland

Exceptional landscapes and panoramic views to be discovered by following a single route throughout Switzerland. One of the stages, between Bern and Neuchâtel, will lead you on the extraordinary roads of the Pays-d'Enhaut and the Saanenland.

Hotel Valrose
Via Alpina

This multi-stage hike connects Central Switzerland to Eastern Switzerland over a distance of 390 km. One of the stages, between Gstaad and L'Etivaz passes through the village of Rougemont. A great trail for experienced walkers.

Hotel Valrose
Lake Arnen

Known as the "pearl of the Gessenay region", this lake is a jewel in the heart of the Tschärzis valley. In this wild and wooded natural haven, you can enjoy a picnic, swim and even fish.

Hotel Valrose
Lake Lauenen

Located at the bottom of the valley, Lake Lauenen is a small bucolic paradise with its natural spring waterfalls and its mountain restaurant. A perfect place for a sporting or family outing.

Hotel Valrose
The Moléson

With its exceptional panoramic view as far as Lake Geneva at an altitude of 2,000 metres, it has become an outdoor leisure destination in its own right. Via ferrata, hiking, bobsledding, mountain cheese factory, there is something for everyone.

Go back in time

At the meeting point of many roads, these destinations have a rich historic, economic and industrial past. A heritage to discover during a long weekend in Rougemont.

Hotel Valrose
The L'Etivaz cheese cellars

Discover the cheese cellars of L'Etivaz, PDO production made solely during the summer season.

Hotel Valrose
The art of paper cutting

A know-how and a tradition still very much alive in the canton of Vaud. Its history is recounted in the Château-d'Oex Museum and many local artists present their creations in their workshops.

Hotel Valrose
Gruyères Castle

13th century medieval castle with a prestigious past.

Hotel Valrose
Cailler chocolate factory

A gourmet adventure in the land of Switzerland's world-famous chocolate.

Hotel Valrose
Chillon Castle

Magnificent castle built on a rocky islet on the shores of Lake Geneva.


Leisure activities

Hotel Valrose
Glacier 3000 I Diablerets

The highest point in the Vaud Alps offers a wide range of skiing and snowboarding activities all year round.

Hotel Valrose
Chaplin’s World

In the footsteps of the legendary Charlie Chaplin. Visit the mansion where he spent 25 years of his life, relive the experience of silent films, rediscover some of the filmmaker's masterpieces, and take advantage of the magnificent park overlooking Lake Geneva.

Sports and thrills

Hotel Valrose
Snowshoeing, sledging, cross-country skiing and hiking

Trails to follow in the heart of a well-preserved natural setting.


Hotel Valrose
Enjoy a unique experience of freedom!

The Pays-d'Enhaut is also the ideal playground for paragliding enthusiasts.

Our partner Paragliding Gstaad will take you on a flight over the peaks with the Valrose glider and show you the region as you have never seen it before.

Hotel Valrose
Hot-air balloon flight

A unique moment rich in emotion which you can prolong with the Balloon Festival in Château-d'Oex; for 40 years, it has brought together enthusiasts and amateurs, young and old around these magnificent hot-air balloons.

Hotel Valrose
Ski area
10 min

58 km of slopes rising to an altitude of 2,151 metres accessible in 10 minutes thanks to the Videmanette gondola lift. Ideal for some great descents, it is perfect for enjoying some skiing and snowboarding right next to the Hôtel Valrose.