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Valrose, Lounge Bar in Rougemont near Gstaad

The Lounge Bar welcomes you all throughout the day and provides just the right setting for whatever you might be looking for.

As Rougemont awakens, the Valrose Bar is the ideal place to be for a morning coffee.

For an afternoon snack, the dessert cart is a real treat for gourmands. Our pastry chef, Josselin Jacquet, proposes pastries, seasonal fruit pies and cakes, as well as homemade desserts of the day.

A unique and inviting place to meet and share a drink with family or friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Everyone can enjoy the chance to talk about their adventures of the day and share a special moment in this warm and refined lounge.

Enjoy sitting in one of the large, soft armchairs and sofas, or at the magnificent, glittering stone bar. You can also continue your evening at the Valrose Lounge after an unforgettable dinner at La Table du Valrose, Benoît Carcenat’s gourmet restaurant.

Creativity and precision

On the other side of the magnificent, glittering quartz bar, the Valrose’s barman prepares special cocktails for which only he knows the secret.

Like a talented magician, he creates new compositions using macerations, fermentations and other techniques to bring out all the ingredients’ flavours. Enjoy admiring the bartender’s art and the sound of the ice cubes clinking in the shaker.

It’s time to taste!

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A unique choice

Created by the Valrose team, the Lounge Bar menu takes you on a journey with a range of original and sometimes exclusive flavours.

Beyond the classic cocktails, French wines rub shoulders with fermented Swiss grapes. Local breweries and craft-made juices are featured, as well as a selection of chartreuse and spirits from the Pays-d’Enhaut and elsewhere.

The Lounge-Bar welcomes you from Wednesday to Saturday from 8 am to 11 pm and on Sundays from 8 am to 5 pm.

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